Pink Saturday

My blogging friend Beverly who hosts Pink Saturday has announced that Pink Saturday is celebrating it’s 6th anniversary. It has been awhile since I have linked to Pink Saturday, but I couldn’t let this week go by without sharing something pink. After all, pink is still my all time favorite color. (Note all the pink in this blog as well as in my other blog, Charlotte’s Weblog).

So what am I going to share? I was asking myself that question when I noticed the background picture I had on my iPad was the perfect picture to share. This gorgeous pink glass is still on display at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. Pink the only color? Of course not, many different beautiful colored glass is displayed, but I picked out these that happened to be pink.





And why not add this picture of hubby and me since I’m wearing a pink hat.


After we enjoyed Chihuly display at Desert Botanical Gardens, we stopped by an ice cream shop in Scottsdale on the way home. It just happened to also be pink so I’m sharing that too. What a fun day.

Linking this week to Pink SaturdayImage


Thank you for visiting my blog and letting me share the beautiful glass art with you. And thank you, dear Beverly, for being a friend and congratulations on hosting Pink Saturday for six years. You have made a lot of people tickled pink with all the pink that is shared there.


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My last post was about my camera collection. My daughter surprised me this morning by giving me another one of my “old” cameras – the AGFA. She found it packed away with some of her stuff. She said she wished she had found the original camera, the Brownie Hawkeye. So do I, but I was so glad to get the Agfa. There was a period of time in the 60s and 70s when we took hundreds of slides with that camera. Main problem with that camera was you couldn’t have film developed at the drug store, but had to mail it in to the Agfa people and wait about a week to get the slides or pictures back. So, I was glad when we replaced it with a Kodak point and shoot camera. That one I don’t have either.

So here is a picture of the long lost Agfa camera.


And now here’s the collection with the Agfa added to it.



P.S. Got this little picture off the internet of a BROWNIE HAWKEYE. Brownie

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Ever since I can remember I’ve collected something. I can’t count all the different collections I’ve had during my 76+ years. I’ve had lots of different hobbies too. Right now I’m “into” photography. It occurred to me that I have some old cameras so I decided to drag them out and put them on display on the top shelf above my computer. Here is a picture I took of the cameras.

2013-02-16 15.48.41

On the left is my first “good” camera obtained in the mid 80s. Next is my first digital camera. On right right is a Polaroid I inherited from my parents. I remember how excited we were when they got this camera. It was the best Polaroid they made at the time. It was about 1967 I believe. And the picture on the wall? That’s my hubby and me about 25 years ago. Maybe not quite that long. Anyway, photography has been one of my hobbies ever since I got my first little Brownie Hawkeye when I was about 16 years old. We took pictures with that old camera for many years. How I wish I had kept that little camera. It would make a wonderful addition to my collection. In fact, I wish I had kept all my cameras. We bought an Agfa and then a Kodak point and shoot camera before we got the Canon 35mm one.



Remember this pink Brighton ring I posted about a few weeks ago?


This pretty ring has been joined by two more. These are called stack rings.

ViewNX 2

This was my special Valentine gift from my thoughtful hubby.  Sure, here’s more pink so I’ll share it again for Pink Saturday.

Love Brighton’s jewelry. I discovered it many years ago before they had stores that featured only Brighton stuff. They started out with just a small department in various other stores. The place I bought my first Brighton item was at a cute little store called Fancy That. That cute little store has since gone out of business. Maybe they should have featured more Brighton stuff. If you are not familiar with Brighton jewelry and you get a chance to visit one of their showrooms you should go there. I’m always amazed at all the beautiful things they sell. Not just jewelry. They sell other stuff like shoes, purses, picture frames, and many other items but jewelry is their main thing and their showrooms are beautiful.

For lots of links to pink, be sure to visit Beverly at Pink Saturday.


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My Dolls


I posted some new pictures on my doll blog yesterday. I thought, hey, dolls are fun. I’ll share a couple of them here on my fun blog and share them for Pink Saturday. When I made dolls (over 20 years ago) I dressed many of them in pink because I truly love pink.

2013-02-07+14.06.48Happy Valentine's Day



If you love dolls as I do, I hope you will visit my Dolls Dolls Dolls blog. Click HERE to go there.

And of course you will visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for lots of pink fun for Pink Saturday.


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Pink Rings

Last week I mentioned I might share my Brighton ring for Pink Saturday. Some commented they were looking forward to it, so guess I’ll just do it.

Actually I have two pink rings. The one at the top is the Brighton ring. It is a stackable ring so I’m hoping to add another to it at some point in time. The ring at the bottom is one my hubby gave me many years ago (over 30 years ago). Ah yes, pink. It’s my favorite color. Thank you for letting me share with you.


ImageThanks again, Beverly, for hosting Pink Saturday and letting me be a part of it.

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We were out at the mall this morning and were surprised to see this cute little truck from which they were selling candy. Actually it was a pretty slow morning at the mall and I didn’t see anyone buying candy, but there was a gal in the truck ready to wait on customers. I hope somebody bought some candy from her. It is such a cute idea ― a candy truck. We had never seen one before. I told Clif if I was still doing Pink Saturday this would be a good thing to share. Then I thought, why not, I will share it. So here it is. I’m sharing it here on my fun blog because it is a fun thing.

2013-01-16 22.33.14 2013-01-16 22.33.42Pink is still my all time favorite color. Maybe next time I’ll share my pink Brighton ring I got for Christmas.

Thank you, dear Beverly, for hosting Pink Saturday so faithfully.

Of course you can find Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound. Just click HERE.


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