Pink Saturday

My blogging friend Beverly who hosts Pink Saturday has announced that Pink Saturday is celebrating it’s 6th anniversary. It has been awhile since I have linked to Pink Saturday, but I couldn’t let this week go by without sharing something pink. After all, pink is still my all time favorite color. (Note all the pink in this blog as well as in my other blog, Charlotte’s Weblog).

So what am I going to share? I was asking myself that question when I noticed the background picture I had on my iPad was the perfect picture to share. This gorgeous pink glass is still on display at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. Pink the only color? Of course not, many different beautiful colored glass is displayed, but I picked out these that happened to be pink.





And why not add this picture of hubby and me since I’m wearing a pink hat.


After we enjoyed Chihuly display at Desert Botanical Gardens, we stopped by an ice cream shop in Scottsdale on the way home. It just happened to also be pink so I’m sharing that too. What a fun day.

Linking this week to Pink SaturdayImage


Thank you for visiting my blog and letting me share the beautiful glass art with you. And thank you, dear Beverly, for being a friend and congratulations on hosting Pink Saturday for six years. You have made a lot of people tickled pink with all the pink that is shared there.



7 thoughts on “Pink Saturday

  1. That’s glass??!?!?!! Really??? Wow! That’s gorgeous! I have never seen anything like that in my life! It’s surreal. Like something you’d see in Alice In Wonderland or a sci-fi flick! It’s great!!!

    Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful, safe holiday weekend!

  2. Hi Charlotte! I love the pinks you shared. That Sugar Bowl is especially sweet. The glass is really beautiful. Have a beautiful week and HPS to you!

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