My last post was about my camera collection. My daughter surprised me this morning by giving me another one of my “old” cameras – the AGFA. She found it packed away with some of her stuff. She said she wished she had found the original camera, the Brownie Hawkeye. So do I, but I was so glad to get the Agfa. There was a period of time in the 60s and 70s when we took hundreds of slides with that camera. Main problem with that camera was you couldn’t have film developed at the drug store, but had to mail it in to the Agfa people and wait about a week to get the slides or pictures back. So, I was glad when we replaced it with a Kodak point and shoot camera. That one I don’t have either.

So here is a picture of the long lost Agfa camera.


And now here’s the collection with the Agfa added to it.



P.S. Got this little picture off the internet of a BROWNIE HAWKEYE. Brownie


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